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Steven Thompson tips Celtic summer transfer activity in what will be a ‘frightening prospect for Scottish football’

He never stops. He said it from day one and it will continue right through his tenure as the Celtic manager.

But that’s not just on the park. Off it, the Celtic boss is relentless. Relentless in his pursuit of perfection.

And that is evident in the way he conducts his transfer business.

Ange’s recruitment has been absolutely bang on the money. Out of all of his signing since joining the club, only two have failed. Yosuke Ideguchi and Oliver Abildgaard.

It’s quite an incredible strike rate and it’s just going to get better for us, and worse for Scottish football warns Steven Thompson.

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Speaking on BBC Sportsound, Thompson said, “You wonder when it’s gonna stop because it just keeps getting better. It’s not plateaued has it?

I mean ever since he arrived at the club and you listen to him speak, he’s not one for resting on his laurels is he?

He’s going to keep pushing these players and demand more and if you’re not cutting it then you are out the door.

And he’ll bring in players and I think there will be a good few players arrive at Celtic in the summer.

No doubt they’ll be of quality and the players, generally, that he scouts have been of quality so that you can only see them getting better, which is a pretty frightening prospect for the rest of Scottish football.”

Can’t beat the sound of fear from the BBC Sportsound team.

Not only do they fear Ange the man, the fear Ange the football manager and it is absolutely delicious.

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