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Celtic fans slaughter Kyogo ‘dive’ allegation as Lint posts outstanding Alfie video compilation

What are these fans like eh?

Not content with racially abusing our players, they continue to make up stories that Kyogo is somehow a diver and that cheats the game.

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It’s completely bizarre.

I wrote at the weekend that there was a Celtic penalty shout at Tannadice that no none seemed to pick up, but the ever excellent Twitter account Lint did and it did illicit this reply from a deranged Sevco fan:

As far as I can see there has only been one set of fans looking for an investigation into cheating and it’s not us.

In fact, the amount of noise coming from that lot regarding Kyogo instigated and embarrassing interview where BBC Sportsound asked the Head of Referees, Crawford Allan, to appear on their show pass comment on our striker.

I find it strange that with all the VAR controversies surrounding the Ibrox club that he has yet to be re-invited back on………

But Lint put this guy in his place with this cracking compilation:

You would think by now that they would learn to hold their tongue when it comes to matters of dodgy refereeing and players diving.

God knows they have had more than their fare share of both over the last two decades.

One thought on “Celtic fans slaughter Kyogo ‘dive’ allegation as Lint posts outstanding Alfie video compilation”

  1. Thy have nothing good to talk about in there own club so thy have to pick on a top class club thy are scum

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