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“Gio said the same and was hounded out the door for it”, “This guy is worse than Pedro” – Mick’s Mooth runs away with him again with ironic press conference moan

All this guy does is moan. Oh, and make excuses.

Last week prior to the cup final, Rangers were the biggest team in Scotland with the best players. Now? They need a complete rebu…..revamp. Sorry.

Although the revamp quickly turned into a rebuild in the matter of 48 hours which is strange.

I genuinely believe Michael Beale is just making this all up as he goes along. I’m not just saying that because he is the manager of Rangers. I genuinely do.

His press conferences are car crash, he contradicts himself and his players and he just doesn’t see what we can all see.

His team are dugmeat. Period. You can say what you want about progress, all he has done is stop them getting beat. With luck.

Fifteen games, one decent performance but the media continue to blow smoke up his backside.

And here is another classic Beale press conference where he now moans about spending power and budgets [Football Scotland]:

“The biggest clubs in the world spend hundreds of millions and get it wrong. That’s the reality of recruitment.

We’re competing against the odds if you like.

In general, if you look at any league in the world, the team that spends the most is first.

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So we have to compete against the odds because we’re not going to spend the most money.

We’re not going to recruit the finished product.

So there’s a lot of coaching, a little bit of patience and a lot of good work to go on.”

So basically what Celtic have been doing for the last 23 years then Mick?

This guy really is full of something. Can’t quite put my finger on it although I have stepped in it a few times whilst walking my dog.

When will the dawn start to shine over these Rangers fans? Beale is simply not up to the job.

In fact, has it even dawned on the press yet as they seem to be giving him a free pass with all the garbage that has been spouted about him so far.

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