Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

“All the best Agent Sands!” – Celtic fans brilliantly send their thanks to binned Sevco star

The rebuild, sorry, ‘revamp’ has begun as Rangers look to offload some players who just couldn’t cut the mustard.

The first person to desert the sinking ship? Bobby, (sorry I need to stop that!), James Sands.

The defensive defender midfielder (no one really knows his position) was let go by Rangers yesterday as they look to cut their loss……I mean revamp their squad in the wake of Celtic revamping them from having the better team to just having a team.

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Sands was hailed, believe it or not, as a Baresi like player when he signed for the Ibrox club (I kid you not) and it seems that Beale is in no mood to have an Italian legend at the club who is an American posing as a defender.

And as he was let go, the Celtic fans showed their appreciation by sending him some nice farewell messages.

We really should be sending some thanks to Ronny Deila for letting Rangers have him but I am sure that will be coming soon!

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