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Former Oldco player desperately tries to punt Celtic star on live radio

Ange Postecoglou has proven that he is a master at the transfer market game.

He has a clear strategy and sticks by it.

He has nixed a perfect blend of youth and experience to create a side that is looking unstoppable.

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And if there is an opportunity to improve the team by moving a player on and replacing him with a younger model, he will do it regardless who that player is.

And, clearly, former Real Rangers defender Craig Moore doesn’t get that concept with this bizarre assumption.

Speaking on The Go Radio football Show, Moore said, “I think if Celtic may look to do business if the opportunity is unbelievable and they can’t refuse.

“Someone like an O’Reilly, for me, would not surprise me come end of the season.

There is maybe some admirers there because you look at Aaron Mooy and the job that he’s done since coming in, and they’re similar players, could they cash in on O’Riley? Absolutely. Absolutely they could.”

Hold up, why would Ange “cash in” on a player he has clearly earmarked for the future and keep another player that, come next season, won’t fit his signing profile?

Moore is forever telling us how he knows Ange and how he works as a manager but he clearly hasn’t been paying attention to his transfer strategy.

Or maybe the pain of watching his Australian friend strangle the Newco is just too much to bear…….

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