“He slud intae the Rainjurs joab like Joe Black slides intae dugs” – SkyNed News reviews Ibrox boss

Awrite troops. It’s been a while since ah’ve made an appearance. In ah tell ye whit, hunners hus changed since a chucked slappin Tories in Red Tories aboot oan Twitter.

Ah wis it a loose end in ma mucker Charlie, who runs this bangin blog, knowing thit ah’m a massive Tim, asked me if ah fancied contributin a couple ah artico’s a week.

Why no, ah said. So insteed ah slappin aboot Roof Davidson in Jim Murphy, ahm gonnae gie yees mah take oan Mickey Boy Beale.

He’s a pain in the boaby in’t he? Arrogant and up his ain ar*e, Beale joost disnae shut up dis he?

The only hing thits seen mare action thin Beales mooth this season is Lana Wolf doon it the Bristol Bar.

In how he goat the joab in the furst place wis ah rid neck.

“Visitin” Ibrox whin whin wee Gio wis gettin his neck slapped aff the Onion Bears in tellin us aw how he wid dae better wi the players thit the Dutchmin hid, wis a wanky move.

His slid intae the Rainjurs joab like Joe Black slides intae dugs.

Even for a currant, that wis a snidey move.

In dis he ever shut up aboot us?

Ah mean whit the f*ck wis that ‘We’re only three points behind Cellic” aw aboot? Ahv seen mare junkies doon it the chemist oan methadone slebber less thin him.

In whit a set ah baws he’s goat moanin aboot budjits. Did he no help rack a hunner mullion quid in loases wi Sleekit Stevie tae win wan trophy?

Bit he wis the brains behind that title win wisnt he? Stevie wis the face cause Beale’s oanly goat a face fur radio.

Anyway troops. Ahm away tae the game. HH in up the…….

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