Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

Celtic fan calls out Superscoreboard for pro-Sevco/anti-Celtic agenda

Many readers of my blog know I keep a close eye on the media outlets, *Rangers fans and anyone else that likes to take a swing at our club from a distance.

The old saying of keep your friends close but your enemies even closer has never been more apt. Especially this week of all weeks.

In a week where Man City have been cited for allegedly breaking 100 FFP rules in a case bearing remarkable similarities to the Oldco Rangers, this eagle eyes (or eared) Celtic fan spotted this remarkable coincedence:

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And what happened on Tuesday to make the English Premier League so interesting all of a sudden? Ange to Leeds, that’s what.

And the show was a smuttering of nonsense as the panel tried to sell the Leeds job to Ange Postecoglou and never offered one single coherent argument as to why Celtic are a better attraction than a relegation threatened ‘sleeping giant’.

Mark Wilson and Gordon Dalziel did a great job of not only selling our club short, but also our game as a whole.

A 90 minute show dedicated to selling all the reasons why Ange should leave Celtic and Scotland instead of looking at the positives he brings to the game.

Impartial punditry? Don’t make me laugh.

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