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“The penny is finally dropping”, “The PSG comparison is absolutely wild” – Rangers fans brilliant finance rambling rinsed as Celts stretch league lead

I think this is it. This is the season we have finally broken them. Well, let’s be honest, they were never really fixed.

The patchwork pretendy Gers have been spending outwith their means since they were born in 2012 and all they have to show for it is two trophies.

Imagine it. £100m (and it is debt, don’t let them fool you) and you still watch Celtic lift a Quadruple Treble, another nine in a row AND and Invincibles season.

But it’s not that that has broken them.

It was Beale’s admission that even at SPFL level, they don’t have the finances to compete with Celtic.

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An astonishing show of defeatism and a story that we have all heard before.

Remember when Gio was getting pumped in Europe?

And this Rangers fan seems to have accepted the realisation of it with a wild take on how rich Celtic are:

Absolutely brilliant.

The realisation that they will always be second fiddle to us has hit them like a CVA.

And the Celtic fans took great pleasure in giving ‘G’ another dose of harsh reality.

And there are actually Rangers fans out there that don’t live in fantasy land:

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