Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

“Misplaced”, “Don’t hold up to scrutiny”, “All over the place” – Did Daily Record journalists grow a set and slaughter Rangers stars anti-Celtic rhetoric?

He has become a bit of a mouthpiece for the Ibrox club this week hasn’t he?

Fashion Sakala has gone right down in my estimation after his anti-Celtic rantings.

A player who has been dubbed as one of the nicest guys in football has went full Sevco this week and pandered not only to the lowest common denominator in their support, but also to the media by giving them what they crave. Negative headlines about our club.

And I get it, he’s playing the game. Ange Postecoglou also plays the game, but he does so with dignity.

He tells the Celtic fans what we want to hear but leaves the childish media to play their own games.

Sakala, unfortunately, has fallen down the rabbit hole and it looks like to me he is enjoying it.

But it was his comments earlier in the week that a trio of Daiky Record journalists were commenting on this morning that caught my eye:

What do you make of Fashion Sakala’s claims that Rangers are far better than Celtic?

MICHAEL GANNON: It’s all good fun and fair play to him for saying it, but his comments don’t hold up to scrutiny. Celtic are a different team to the one that lost the league two years ago and they’ve been out in front for ages.

DAVID McCARTHY: What do you expect him to say, that Celtic are far better? He has to believe in his team and the evidence since Michael Beale’s arrival would suggest that even if Rangers aren’t the better team, they’re equals in terms of points won.

FRASER WILSON: Bonkers. But I quite like a bit of bonkers! Sakala’s argument is all over the place but if that’s what he believes then fair play. Nothing wrong with a bit of belief. Despite this being more than a little misplaced.

They tried to criticise the Rangers players comments. They tried to but in the end they failed.

The minute they looked like talking sense they pulled it back with some week jovial quip to keep on the right side of the Ibrox press guys.

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