“Celtic need more players like him” – McAvennie incredibly gets one right!

It’s not very often this happens but the old saying is a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

Frank McAvennie is much derided amongst the Celtic fans for his sometimes ‘confusing’ rants against Celtic but it seems on this occasion he has got this 100% on the money.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie was looking over the Premier Sports semi final and praised one player that he thinks Celtic need more of, “Jamesy Forrest still produces when it matters.

“He’s a big game player and it didn’t surprise me that he was the one who scored against St Johnstone.

“We have a lot of attacking talent but in those big games when the pressure is on, you need those big game players.

“That’s the great thing about James. He misses a load of games in the season then comes back and scored a brilliant goal.

“Celtic need more players like him, we don’t have that depth anywhere other than attack.

“I’ve mentioned that so many times this season. But Forrest has never complained about his situation.

“He’s waited, got back in, then he’s scored that goal. I was delighted for him.”

Forrest can always be relied upon to produce the goods when needed and this time was no exception.

When it mattered, he stepped up and he also brings a different dynamism to the attack.

As we approach the busy festive season, Celtic will need all their players available and the supporters will be thankful that Forrest has now returned from injury.

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