Above the Main Entrance, Celtic Park

“That’s what sets them apart from from everybody else” – Michael Stewart is bang on the money. Our rivals have no chance

Celtic are going to win the league.

There is absolutely no doubt about that. And I am not saying that with green tinted specs on.

I can just see it with my own eyes. Performances and stats are a great indicator of how the team are doing.

Five dropped points in 27 games is an incredible achievement and we are on course to break our record ever points tally should we win the remaining league games this season.

But even in those games where we did drop points, we still controlled them. We never gave our opponents much and that is something that Michael Stewart brought up in discussion post match.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, Stewart said, “Even the game that you’re talking about against St Mirren, I wouldn’t even say that they performed terribly.

It’s just one of those games. And it was one of those were they were still dogged. They where still at it.

Things just didn’t really go their way which can happen at times.

The intensity is incredible. And that’s what I said during the game. That’s what sets them apart from from everybody else.”

Even at our worst, we are still the best team in Scotland. Even when Rangers have a must win game against us, they still cannot manage to defeat us.

And that is why we will dominate Scotland for seasons to come.

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