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“Celtic are getting involved in it now” – McAvennie’s Man City comments are just incredible

People who follow this blog know I have the odd penchant to dip into Frank McAvennie’s world.

Sometimes he talks sense, other times he ramble a pile of absolute nonsense. This, unfortunately is one of those latter times.

The Man City financial scandal is one that gripped the news last week and a lot of Rangers fans were hoping, no praying, that somehow we were involved due to our relationship with the club and loaning us players.

Now the critical word here is loan. Not purchased. Oh, that and the fact that it’s Man City’s finances that are under scrutiny not ours but don’t let facts get in the way of a good ramble. Just as McAvennie did here, Celtic are getting involved in it now because they have given a few players,” he told Football Insider.

I get it because Peter Lawwell’s son worked for Man City so I thought that was the link.

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I hope there is nothing untidy, I do not think there will be. I think it is just saying to your son ‘have you got any players for me?’ It could be as easy as that. Hopefully it is that simple.

Celtic have not got the money to compete with Man City so I do not think there will be anything untoward there.

Is it just me that’s left scratching my head at this word salad?

Is McAvennie really saying that we are involved in Man City’s 100 charges of financial misdemeanours because we loaned a few players.

That’s like saying we caused Rangers to die because they were our rivals.

No wait, they did!

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