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“Celtic have had it far too easy” – Alex Rae pain as he tells Beale to do talking on the pitch

Things you love to see. Celtic trebles, Rangers imploding and Alex Rae greeting.

The former EBT recipient has been fairly quiet in the media. His coaching role on England kept him fairly busy and off the airwaves.

But after being sacked last month, it seems that he is being given media time and waht a time to return.

Celtic are dominant heading for another treble and Rae is giving it big guns saying we have had it too easy.

And in an unusual step, he’s also taken a swipe at Michael Beale.


Rae said [Football Scotland],  “If you are talking about a game plan, then Rangers have to get in their faces – it has to be a high press. You can’t allow them to dictate.

“If you sit off them, Celtic have the quality middle to front. I think Callum McGregor is one of the stand-out players if not the best player in Scotland.

“Celtic have had it far too easy. Rangers need to get after them – within the laws of the game of course. They have to roll up their sleeves and show a level of competitiveness.

“This game is all about the result. People talk about Rangers playing well in the last Old Firm game but it’s all about winning.

“The performance doesn’t matter. It’s all or nothing for Rangers and they have to produce. I also hope Rangers keep things in-house this week.

“There has been too much talking ahead of these games. They need to do their talking on the pitch and show what they are capable of.”

Rae is right. The performance doesn’t matter. It hasn’t for Celtic in the last three derbies and Rangers have still failed to win.

And if we are victorious again on Sunday? Watch out for another Rae meltdown.

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