“Celtic have an unbroken history” – Daily Record break ranks and print TWO liquidation comments

The Daily Record Hotline is basically a place for football cranks to talk absolute nonsense.

Snarking in the playground is basically it’s format but yet, it makes it to print on a national newspaper.

But the most interesting part here is it has allowed two Celtic fans to challenge the liquidation lie that the newspaper so fervently promotes after a Rangers fan claimed Celtic are also a new club.

I don’t know why Hoops fans get into this with them. It genuinely shows them for the embarrassing knowledge they have of their own clubs history, yet they try to preach about ours to us.

Anyway, one Celtic fan replied to the liquidation claim and said,  “I see the joker from Yoker is bumping his gums again.

Before Fergus took over Celtic they were a private company, when Fergus took over they became a public company hence the name change in order to let fans purchase shares in the club.

Celtic have an unbroken history, no administration or liquidation unlike his lot. One club, one history for Celtic.”

And if that wasn’t enough, they printed a SECOND comment backing up the truth of Rangers dying, “Mr Lowe needs educated before talking nonsense.

In 1994, Celtic launched their successful share issue becoming a public company.

There was no administration, liquidation and they retained the same SFA registration they’d had for over 100 years. Rangers case in all three accounts was the opposite!”

Very refreshing from The Record who are probably still smarting from the onslaught on their journalists twitter history by certain factions of the Rangers support.

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