“Celtic had no opposition in the European Cup” – Incredible Daily Record moonhowling from Sevco fan

These guys never fail to amaze me. The Rangers fans really lose grip of reality whenever a good news story hits their club.

The Nathan Patterson transfer made them think they are now the transfer masters and have created a new landscape for Scottish football by selling an academy player for some decent money.

They also think one title means 55 whilst denying they died, but that is for another day.

But his latest piece of moonhowling nonsense from a Sevco fan reminds me of the day that one of them claimed Rangers reaching the Champions League semi finals (even though they didn’t) was a better feat than Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967.

Yes, that really happened. Read about it here.

But on the latest edition of The Record Hotline, a Sevco fan came up with this absolute belter,  “I can smell fear every time I read the Hotline from Celtic fans .

The fear comes from a level playing field.

Celtic have had nine stabs at the Champions League and have managed to obliterate the coefficient. (no we haven’t)

Along comes Rangers and their collapse begins. (one trophy in ten years mate)

We got £16 million for a player (no you didn’t) that doesn’t take penalties.

It reminds me of 1967 when Celtic had no opposition in the European Cup (yes they did) – Zurich, Nantes and the European superpower that was Vojvodina and Dukla Pumpherston, sorry Dukla Prague .

And now we are raising the coefficient and getting £40 million for being champions for the 56th time. (is the league over already?)

Happy days.”

I mean, what do you even say to that?

The delusion amongst their support is a joy to behold and considering Celtic have won the first domestic trophy of the season, let’s hope this ‘collapse’ continues!

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