Celtic fans react as Rangers fan account condemns despicable Tommy Burns song

As far as songs go. This was reprehensible. As far as fan behaviour goes, this should be condemned with every fiber of every Celtic, and Rangers, fans being.

That song sang about Tommy Burns would not only be difficult for his family to hear, but if Walter Smith was still with us, I am pretty sure he would have came out and condemned those that thought that kind of behaviour was acceptable.

I’ll not repost it as once was enough, but at least on Rangers fan group had the balls to call it out whilst their club stayed silent.

Rangers Fans for Change was quick enough to tweet their disgust and condemn their away support for such a vile and hate filled song:

And as soon as they had released the tweet it was met with widespread appreciation from the Celtic support and Ranger support:

There is absolutely no place for this in the game and if there is to be a sea change in opinion in Rangers fans behaviour then it is great to see the decent supporters call this out.

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