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Celtic fans infiltrate Follow Follow; what else explains this madness?

Follow Follow is a forum that is usually steeped in hatred, bigotry and stupidity. They post all sorts of deranged nonsense to convince themselves that they are superior to every other club and fanbase in the country.

But not only that, they’re hatred for all things Celtic consumes them. And to be honest, who can blame them. We have dominated them for twenty years so it is little wonder they are broken.

And this latest thread from the rabid lot is Simply The Best. After Tina Turner’s passing, the forum went into overdrive.

Threads were posted exclaiming their love for the singer. Which is why I am utterly convinced Celtic fans have infiltrated the site after seeing this:

In truth, they probably couldn’t even name one other song that she sung other than The Best. In fact, they couldn’t even get the name of that song correct either.

This is just another example of how stupid and idiotic this fanbase is.  Either that are we have some of our very own in that forum ripping them from within.


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