Celtic fan’s incredible twitter gesture has supporters applauding

I don’t normally write stories like this as I like to stick to football but this one touched me.

From charity work to championing causes for those that don’t have a voice the Celtic support are known for their generosity the world over.

And it is not solely confounded to their own support.

Other clubs know that when the Hoops support join a cause, the exposure it will get will be maximised. Just look at the foodbank drive before the Motherwell fixture on Saturday when the Well Chief Executive, Alan Burrows reached out to drive support for their charity.

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But this story is of a more personal nature. A young lady from Preston put out a cry for help on Twitter as her mental health was suffering and she was contacted with a heartfelt, generous and warm reply from a Celtic fan that runs a mental health charity in Scotland.

A truly outstanding gesture from ‘Andy’ which was warmly received by ‘Charlotte’

And it is apt in this day and age that with the toxicity of social media, that there are truly warm hearted people out there.

Born Celtic genuinely hope this young lady takes up the offer of assistance and wishes her all the very best on her road to recovery.

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