phrase racism is pandemic on signboard

Celtic fans and bloggers call out a certain clubs racist fanbase as we seal Oh signing

Are we really surprised? I mean REALLY surprised at this?

When Kyogo was signed, we had a certain element of the media and punditry labelling him a cheat for apparently ‘diving’. It was crap then and it is crap now.

But what that did do was allow certain fan forums to target our Japanese striker to become a victim of sustained racist abuse from certain fan forums in Glasgow.

And when we added Maeda, Ideguchi and Hatate in the winter, it eventually turned into a free for all.

With not a peep from anyone in the mainstream media.

In fact, the pundits and the media made a bigger deal of ‘diving’ than they did of the racist campaign against our players, but with their apathy towards sectarianism, is it any surprise?

As always, it is left to the Celtic fans and bloggers to highlight and call out the issue.

This site alone spent a load of time last season calling out any hint of racism I could find directed towards our players but yet it seems the message is not getting through.

And now that we have signed Oh? The merry go round starts again.

James Forrest of The Celtic Blog also wrote a superb piece calling out the ‘jokes’ making the rounds at the expense of our players and fans on Twitter now feel the need to educate these morons on the nationality of our bhoys.

It is as tragic as it is sad.

And until the media grow a set of balls and start naming these clowns, it is left to the Celtic fans to shame them.

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