Statue at Celtic Park

“A Celtic icon, you mean”, “When Kent leaves they’ll probably commission a statue” – Hoops fans rinse journalist’s Morelos claim that highlight falling Ibrox standards

Ok, look. We all know I love ripping into Rangers and their fans but even I know that they have had quality players in their time.

Before they died. The real Rangers I am talking about. Laudrup, Albertz, Klos, hell even Barry Ferguson was a good player. Yes, I actually mean that.

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This tribute act has not had one single player that I can of that has had that player that when they finally leave the country, both sets of fans will look back and go, ‘You know whit? He was a quality player.’

So it is little wonder that when this story pops up:

The Celtic fans are quick to rinse it.

This is a player who plays for himself, not the team. A player who has missed not one, but TWO vital ties that cost his team a Champions League spot because he couldn’t get back from international duty on time.

He also had his wife use a private detective to track his movements then their fans blamed us for planting a bomb under his car, but that was top quality banter, nothing to do with his footballing ability.

But that last point just highlights the clown show that is Alfredo Morelos.

To claim he will leave an icon is just baffling. He has caused that club more problems than he has solved.

But then, James Tavernier is a Hall of Famer.

Put it this way. During his time at the club he has been so good, he has helped them win the sum of two trophies. Quite incredible.

The real Rangers will be spinning in it’s grave.

The last word goes to this man:


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