On their way to Paradise

“Celtic down to 10 men, and Rangers do a Tillman” – Ibrox club caught out in their lies

All we’ve heard for the last few days is how Rangers have shown outstanding sportsmanship and how Beale is a credit to the club.

We have also heard them spin absolute nonsense that their club was built on ‘standards’ and it was the right thing to do.

Great to hear.

Except the fans of the club disagree.

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Many have argued the case that had this been a tie against Celtic, would Beale and his players have have done the same.

That Captain Tav and the moral standings of Ibrox and Govan would have held firm and staunch and allowed us to walk up the park and level out the playing field.

Absolute lies.

Rewind the clock back to the 2019 League Cup Final where Celtic were 1-0 up. Celtic put the ball out for a Jullien to receive treatment for an injury. There is ten minutes to go. Oh, and we are also down to ten men and this happens:

And did I mention that Beale was in the backroom staff at that point upholding the ‘values’ of the club?

So the next time anyone spouts this nonsense that they have values and sporting integrity (stop laughing at the back!), just remind them of this.

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