Celtic daft radio presenter’s outstanding live radio Rangers rant

This seasons title is going to down to the wire. Of that there is no doubt.

As Ange Postecoglou continues to rebuild the Celtic team this season, no one gave the Hoops a hope of being anywhere close in the title race.

In fact, Clyde 1 pundit Hugh Keevins had even predicted that Celtic would finish third! Behind Aberdeen!

But what does he know. One thing is for sure, it seems the Celtic fans know that if this season wasn’t going to be hard enough, it is just about to get tougher.

Many fans have held the view that Rangers seem to get their fair share of, shall we call it, ‘soft’ awards?

If it’s not their opposing teams receiving dubious red cards, or in fact themselves NOT getting red cards, it’s these ‘soft’ penalities.

I have already said today that the penalty they received last was the right decision. Soft, but correct.

But the problem is, they seem to get awarded more of these than any other team in the league and it is now being picked up on south of the border.

Speaking on his breakfast show on Talksport, former Celt Alan Brazil, is now even taking to the airwaves to show his disgust at yet another penalty award for the boys in blue, “Another penalty…

“I let them finish off Bond, I’m lying in bed and I’m looking through.

I’m like, ‘Ooh, 0-0, ooh, hello, hello.’

“And then, penalty again, aargh.

“I’ve not seen it, I don’t know if Rangers battered Hibs, I don’t know.”

Even he knows from the studio in London that these awards happen all too often, and all too easily.

I am also sure that this won’t be the last one we see this season as well.


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