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Celtic daft former Mirror journalist calls out McInnes for ‘awful’ Celtic comments

If there’s one thing that Derek McInnes has proven over the last 48 hours is that he’s a master of deflection.

Or at least he’s trying to be. Unfortunately for him, Celtic fans can see through his act and so do his own fans.

Fortunately so do some in the media. Or should I say ex media as there are none that currently work in the Scottish ranks that are brave enough to call it out.

Former Sunday Mirror journalist took to Twitter to call out the Kilmarnock managers post match shenanigans and didn’t miss a single shot.

McInnes knew exactly what he was doing with Oh’s red card comments.

He knew that by making an issue of a non event, he was feeding the media a line. And knowing the Scottish journalists third for a headline, McInnes duly delivered.

And it worked to perfection because not only are we talking about it on this blog rather than telling McInnes how mince his team are, so are the media.

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