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“There absolutely is potential for Celtic to succeed in Europe with Ange in charge.” – Tactic’s specialist heaps praise on ‘phenomenal’ Ange

As Celtic fans, we are all under no illusion as to just how good a manager Ange Postecoglou is.

The Australian came to Scotland in a blaze of publicity and the appointment was derided by sections of the media and the fans.

The media targeted the manager, the fans targeted the board simply because most of us hadn’t heard of him.

Fast forward almost two years and, by God, the media certainly know him now and the fans love him. Every single one of us.

He has brought a style of play suited to the Celtic Way and this thread by EBL 2017 highlights the incredible work Ange has done in perfecting his tactics:

If you get the opportunity, you must read it. It is fascinating.

But it was the last three tweets that will give Celtic fans great encouragement for next season, “All in all, though, there absolutely is potential for Celtic to succeed in Europe with Ange in charge. He really is a phenomenal coach.

“Ange’s on-ball structure is nothing short of flawless, the counterpress is elite, and although the settled press may be flawed on occasion, that’s likely down to the fact that little emphasis is put on it for domestic games, with superior pressing displays evident in Europe.

This entire thread has primarily focused on Ange and his tactics, and that’s without considering some of the individual player development and transfer market work he has carried out at the club.

His transfer market work has been nothing short of special.

I’ve said repeatedly on this blog that I cannot wait to see what Ange does with this team next season.

We have a settled squad with a years worth of Ange’s tactics and style in them. I genuinely think we can achieve something special in Europe with the big man at the helm.

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