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Celtic AND Rangers fans unite to defend Liel Abada from The Sun’s ludicrous journalism

The Sun, today, ran a headline that even the most clickbaity journalists would find embarrassing.

Speaking to the Celtic winger after he was nominated for the PFA Young Playe lr if the Year Award, Abada said he was looking forward to the game at Ibrox and The Sun ran this headline:

Now I get that headlines are designed to draw the reader in. Bloggers do it all the time, but this is just made up nonsense.

Abada actually said, ” “Every time we play, the Celtic fans come to support us. It’s very good because it pushes us to get to the top.

“For this game there are no fans so we need to do the job without them and be focused on doing the job.

“In the games before, the atmosphere has been unbelievable. But for this one the best noise will be silence. If it is quiet we know we are doing well.”

The headline itself was so bad that even those that didn’t click to read it knew it was garbage. Because speaking like this is not Celtic’s style. It never has been.

And the Celtic and Rangers fans called it out:

Great to see some unity from both sides on a media outlet that is famous for spreading these misleading and nonsensical headlines.

Well done to all.


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