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“He’s not having it”, “Ban The Record” – Celtic fans react to Ange’s brilliant media put down

Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

Ange Postecoglou is, hands down, the king of the media put downs.

And the reason? He does it with brilliant bluntness that isn’t rude, but is respectful and with a tone that if you ask me something stupid again, you will be put in your place.

And he is an expert at it.

How the media in this country have learned. They thought they could toast this relatively unknown in football.

They thought they could talk down to him like you would a child when scolding them. How wrong were they?

Ange was at his brilliant best in his pre match press conference when he was discussing his Manager of the Year awards when he said he was disappointed he didn’t win the one he really wanted.

The ‘Sacked by Christmas’ one.

Watch it here:

Head shot.

And these Celtic fans loved it:

Can’t wait to see Ange in full flow next season.

Celtic racism row: Eilidh Barbour finally opens up with explosive rant

On their way to Paradise

We all know there are sections of the Scottish media that are just so far behind the times they could be time travellers.

Too many journalists still believe 1690 is a time on their watch rather than a date that has blighted this country for centuries.

Sectarian bile. Homophobic jokes and racist slurs are now no longer acceptable in 2022.

In fact, f*** that. They never have been. It’s just a pity that no one told the people that not only hired the after dinner speaker at the SFWA night and those that laughed along with the ‘jokes’.

Celtic players (and Rangers players too) this season have had to deal with racist abuse and the funny thing is, these very same people that write and pontificated about the ‘Old F*rm’ hatred are just as guilty themselves of it behind closed doors.

Except this wasn’t behind closed doors. Football journalism in this country is now more diverse than it ever has been and the SFWA were caught with their pants down on this one.

Eilidh Barbour has now opened up on why she walked out of the awards and it is very telling and shows just how out touch with his audience the speaker was when you read what the Sky Sports [via STV] presenter reveals.

Barbour said,  “There were comments about the room smelling of “fake bake”. Women who wanted to go and touch up their make-up were told that Alex Salmond had been spotted in the foyer and that he would love to do it.

“There were comments about how a man knew if he had f***** a woman from Paisley because his d*** would start to itch. After I left, there was a slew of homophobic and racist comments.

“And for those that organised it and laughed along with it, a lot of whom would have left the evening to go home to their wives and children, I ask you, what kind of society do you want them to grow up in?

“One that discriminates against them because of their gender or their sexual preferences or the way they look, or one that offers them the same opportunities regardless? Because I know what world I want to live in and Sunday night was not an example of it.

Stunning and highly embarrassing for a profession that does nothing except berate football fans for their failings.

Quite the turnaround.

Peter Martin slaps down Sevco fan as he reveals the true extent of anti-Catholicism in journalism

Celtic Park

The last couple of days certainly has been an eye opener for the football writers in Scotland.

Many football fans have held the long term view that it is an industry full of dinosaurs stuck in the dark ages and the recent events at the SFWA dinner certainly hasn’t helped change that.

This has also been a view held by Celtic fans in particular and on the PLZ Football show, Peter Martin revealed just how deep rooted anti Catholicism is in these after dinner events.

Speaking on his latest podcast, Martin was unhappy with comments from a *Rangers fan (surprise surprise) when he made this admission, “Matt i’m listening to you and I’m reading most of your ill informed comments, ‘How many of the PLZ cast sat and laughed at it I wonder‘.

I will tell you right now we’re all at a table aghast by it all.

So choose your words carefully ,Matt, before you post them on here because at the end of the day Roughy, if I had to walk out of every dinner where I’d been offended with anti-Catholic jokes I’d be getting in my car about eight o’clock most nights.”

So this has been going on for years and yet it took Eilidh Barbour from Sky Sports to walk out to call it out.

It does make you wonder though. Why is sexism and misogyny regarded as unacceptable (which is 100% correct) but anti Catholic jokes are not?

Because it does sound as though anti Catholic jokes are the norm at these events yet no one, absolutely no one, called it out?

Very strange.

“That’ll suit the bigots”, “It’s not the 17th Century” – Sevco revert to type with latest announcement and stunning gaffe

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

No one will ever convince me otherwise that when the old Rangers released an orange kit it was for one reason and one reason only.

And it wasn’t to celebrate the Dutch contingent at the club.

We all know the relevance that colour has to that club and at the time, they sold it and got away with it as a tribute to the Dutch players.

So what’s their excuse this time?

A tribute to Gio who’s only managed half a season?

They love Jaffa Cakes?

What? Can someone enlighten me?

from The Sun

The launch is fooling no one, especially these Celtic fans:

And the best part? They are fleecing the fans by having a logo of SportemonGo, a sponsor that is no longer trading. Very fitting and probably the only part of the strip that is factually relateable:

The Sun

Utterly embarrassing and you know what else? It’s a damning indictment of our media that no one is calling this out.

Shame on them.

The Sun’s Maeda story attracts the dregs of the Sevco support

I’m genuinely dumbfounded at the supporters from the Govan side of the city.

They just seem to revel in human misery.

If they are not point scoring about child abuse, they are revelling up to their knees in blood.

They really are a strange lot. Even in a week where they should be happy that they are in a European final, they just can’t lay off the casual racism.

Or should we just call it flat out racism? Yeah. Let’s.

Because there is absolutely nothing casual about it. Racism is racsim.

The Daily Record ran a story about Daizen Maeda and his intent to sign for Celtic permanently and on the Facebook post there is just a gluttony of racism, child abuse and everything else under the sun:

And you can see from the amount of comments, you just know the hordes from Govan would be all over it.

And they didn’t disappoint:

In CAPS, just in case we didn’t get this next knuckledraggers point:

There are genuinely no words.

“WTF?….”, “The absolute weirdest folk”, “I’m a Rangers fan and you have totally flipped your lid” – Murdo Frasers latest pro Sevco tweet is bonkers

Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

Right, it’s time to stop now.

Whilst i kept my powder dry at the time, it’s now gone too far.

Jimmy Bell.

We had to endure a full week of media coverage over the infamous kit mans passing and whilst it is never nice to see someone has lost their life, the Celtic support have their own take on Jimmy Bell.

As do I, but as he has passed I will still keep my opinions to myself.

So whilst the tributes and column inches and radio and TV coverage paid homage to the man, this latest offering by Murdo Fraser is taking things too far.

We are in the middle of the single, biggest cost of living crisis in recent history and Fraser wants to spend his day doing this:

Any motions on dealing with the cost of living crisis caused by his party that is pushing the limits of millions of families household budgets? Don’t be daft.

And the weird thing is, Murdo should think about taking his own advice.

But here’s the thing, when Celtic lost true greats in the game, did Murdo ask for commemoration for their memory?

He was aked this rather pertinent question by a Celtic fan:

Let’s take a look:

There is a reason he is a failed politician. There is a reason he is a list MP.

What he has tweeted asking the Scottish Government to do shows why people view him as a failure and will not vote him in.

And the responses to it? Have a look:

“This is just incredible”, “Cheers am crying” – Incredible Scott Brown video goes viral

Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

Scott Brown.

What can you say about the man that hasn’t already been said before?

The very definition of the word legend, Broony will go down in history as the best captain in Celtic have ever had since Billy McNeill.

His honours list is incredible, his iconic goal celebrations are unique and who can forget about ‘The Broony’?

Every memory of Scott Brown was encapsulated in this astounding video created by student journalist Adam Lynch:

Simply stunning. Emotional. And a superb tribute to the legend that is Broony.

Well done Adam.

“I now fully understand why Ms Barbour walked out” – Phil Mac on SFWA shambles

Celtic Park

The Scottish Football Writers Association dinner seems like a cesspit of misogyny, racism and dinosaurs.

No longer will I take any lessons on morality off of a press detail that openly hires a comedian that seems to fit in with their set of values.

Harsh? Well why else would they hire such an act and sit laughing as racist jokes were aimed at Celtic players and misogynistic sh*te was piled on when there was a clear mixed room of journalists assembled?

And what I would like to know is when these jokes were being delivered, who found them funny?

When all the journalists in the land where condemning racism earlier in the season after Kyogo Furuhashi was subjected to it from the Sevco fans, why does a hall full of journalists now find Japanese jokes funny?

And the misogyny? Here was me thinking we were in the 21st Century but alas, I am forgetting that this is the same SMSM that conveniently turn a blind eye to anti Catholic hate everyweekend.

Phil Mac shared his thoughts in his latest blog his thoughts on the incident:

Phil didn’t want to elaborate on what was said either but I will leave you with this run down of the after dinner speaker:

Shocked? I am not.

Frank McAvennie makes insane Sevco/Scott Brown comparison

Celtic Park

Firstly we have that club from Govan being compared to the Lisbon Lions now we have this.

Why can’t these ex players and pundits just accept what *Rangers are doing as their own instead of trying to play them off of our clubs achievements or our players.

Frank McAvennie was up next with his latest ramblings about *Rangers midfielder John Lundstram, “He’s got pelters off the Celtic fans for being too rough in the midfield area, he told Football Insider‘s Ben Wild.

But Scott Brown used to get the same treatment from Rangers fans because he was like that.

“You need a player like that. Every team needs a player like that.

He’s come through after a tough start at Rangers, and he’s done brilliantly.

He played well against Leipzig, and they didn’t let them settle whatsoever. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they went on to win the tournament.

“Now the supporters know he’s capable of performances like that, they’ll be expecting it from him week-in, week-out.”

Lundstram is not even half the player Broony was.

Broony was in a class of his own and not only does he have the medals to back it up, he had the ability.

He also had the ability to get into peoples heads and psyche them out. The only way Lundstram could do that is with a high boot.

These pundits need to leave these stupid comparisons well alone.

It gives that mob from Govan oxygen to feed their already deluded p**h that they are trying to convince themselves is true.

“Time to come back to planet earth” – Daily Record prints Celtic fans rage at Kenny Millers Lisbon Lions comments

Celtic Park

In a week were *Rangers made a European final, this stupid and mindbending analysis of that and Celtic’s Lisbon Lions achievements in 67 have taken a turn for the worse.

Even trying to compare them both, 50 years apart, is so f**king brainless it defies belief.

It started, I think with Kenny Miller, last week and was then further compounded by Hugh Keevins who forever dines out on Lisbon Lions stories but was quick to dismiss their achievements in favour of the Ibrox clubs.

Well the Celtic fans have hit back on the Record Hotline and had some words of wisdom for Kenny Miller:

 Martin Leggat emailed: “Could you let Mr Miller know that Celtic won the European Cup by beating the champions of their country and an Inter Milan team who were twice winners in previous seasons with a much larger budget than Celtic who had all locally-born players.”

Jim Nichol, Armadale, said: “What an embarrassing statement from Miller. Time to come back to planet Earth, Kenny.”

Gordon Ashley claimed: “The arguments that a Rangers Europa League win would better the Lisbon Lions hold no water at all.

Celtic played and beat the champions of five countries including France and Italy, who had all the best players anyway.

Rangers have beaten no champions. It wouldn’t even be the second biggest achievement as Aberdeen beating Real Madrid would blow it away.”

And Kenny Wilson, Moffat, blasted: “The Premiership is the only league in the world where the best team is the one that finishes second even though the winners have six more points scored more goals conceded less goals and beat them twice out of four league games.

Were Celtic the best team in the league when they got to Seville but lost the league? No of course they weren’t but as always Rangers fans have selective memories.”

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