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Prominent fan group FIRES warning to Celtic board. There is trouble ahead

Not too long ago I received a message from the fan group “Celts for Change” detailing what their plans are to tackle the current crisis at the club and how their plans to force the board to listen the fans by strangling various sources of income from the club.

“Celts For Change 2021” are a group reborn from days of the Kelly & Whyte dynasty that almost forced Celtic to close down over debts of just over £1m. They, alongside Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey and the legendary Fergus McCann, helped oust the old board before the unthinkable happened.

Celtic were eventually saved from oblivion, paid their debts and saved the clubs history. Something that cannot be said for the team masquerading as *Rangers on the other side of the city.

Celts For Change 2021 tweeted this afternoon “We want our football club back, not an accountancy firm” as they aim to raise awareness of the corporate suicide the Celtic board have displayed in their lack of investment in the side in the last ten years, alongside allowing *Rangers to catch up with them to the point that they stopped the ten in a row.

The fan movement have already set the tone with an open letter to Dominic McKay where they set out some key points they want the new C.E.O. to address “We would like to outline our current strategy to you. As part of our ongoing protest, we will be recommending that all supporters delay renewing their season tickets until the following five points have been addressed.​

Peter Lawwell must have no further roles full or part time at the club after July 1st, our chairman Ian Bankier must also give notice of standing down, and the other members of the board complicit in the failings by their silence must do the same.”

Today’s latest tweet is designed to continue their plight to highlight the board seeing the club as a balance sheet and not a football club as the teams current decline. The board got complacent. Not only with the clubs signing policy, but also their management recruitment and transfer policy.

Celts For Change 2021 are continuing to put pressure on the Celtic board and it remains to be seen whether the board will listen or will continue with their wall of silence.


The Celtic board have tonight claimed that they have met their promise of “added value” to the fans from their pledge in June 2020 regarding the season ticket prices.

Thousands of fans forked out on average £550 for season tickets last summer to shower their backing for the club’s pursuit of the ill fated ten in a row.

The club then vowed to give the fans added value for their money in terms of a virtual season ticket where the supporters could watch all home games online. The board say the provision of two additional live matches, one live cup match, two delayed UEFA matches and some virtual programming was enough to meet their added value pledge.

The Celtic Trust disagreed and lobbied the club to issue shares as payment instead of refunds so the fans would be properly recompensed for not being able to attend games despite their financial backing.

A statement by the trust read, “The added value they say they have provided consists of a stream for a league cup game, two friendlies, two delayed European games (after they’d finished) and online programmes. 

“The Celtic Trust does not agree that any value has been provided which would meet the terms of the commitments made in June 2020 and we are also clear that no meaningful consultation has taken place given that no alternative proposals have been put to anyone by the PLC Board.

The full statement from the Trust can be read here. This is yet another example of the Celtic board still not getting the mood of the fans and proving yet again how out of touch they are with supporters.


I have to confess. When, not if, Eddie Howe signs for Celtic, I believe most fans will feel a sense of relief rather than joy. Not because they didn’t think the board could pull off the move, but simply because it has been a long drawn out process and the end of this saga will represent the beginning of a new chapter in Celtic’s history.

And history is something our club is steeped in. 25th May 1967. The Estadio Nacional, Lisbon. A date that will forever be etched with pride in the memory of Celtic fans. The first British team to lift the European Cup with a team of Scots. It will be a feat never to matched again.

This amazing feat happened ten years before I was born and yet, like many thousands of fans like me, it still feels part of. Part of my DNA like it will for many thousands of fans in the future born after the fact.

The Celtic board also know this. The significance of the date will not be lost on them. Neither has the criticism they have received from the fans for being out of touch with the supporters this season. Lack of communication has been the main bone of contention and that is why I think the board will announce Eddie Howe tomorrow.

It will be a message to the fans and what a message it will be. If the appointment is made tomorrow the board will be telling the fans ‘We heard you. We are listening to you. And here is our answer‘.

Now I am not daft. I am not claiming that Eddie Howe comes into the same significance of the greatest day in our history. But it could be the greatest signing since Brendan Rodgers and look at the history created then.

25th May 2021. Could be the beginning of a new era. Mark it in your diary. It could be the most important day in our recent history.


Now that Bournemouth’s season has officially come to an end, there seems to be no reason why Celtic can’t up the stakes and announce Eddie Howe as the new manager.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, journalist Mark Guidi, has given his insight into why he thinks the deals has been held up until now.

Guidi has hinted that the Howe’s agents are possible at play and suggested that bonus’s depending on Bournemouth’s fate must be the reason he can’t be unveiled, “I can only imagine that some kind of contractual situation where bearing in mind Eddie Howe and Bournemouth parted company in August of last year.

“I think that it might be that Eddie Howe, even though he’s not the manager and he’s been away, but there will be something his contract, because we know how clever these agents are. There will be something that where if Bournemouth go straight back up Eddie Howe’s on a bonus.

“It wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case and contractually, they need to wait until Bournemouth’s season comes to an end. So it could be his appointed in the next three or four days, or it may be we wait another 10 days or so for an appointment.”

Now that The Cherries are resigned to another season in the English Championship there should be no reason left now why the Celtic board cannot announce their man and get on with the rebuild to wrestle the title back from their rivals over the water.


With the madness of the last weekend and the subject of anti catholic and sectarian issues being highlighted in Scottish football and society, former Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson gave an insight into his experience with playing in the Glasgow Derby but also shared his respect he had for Celtic players off the pitch when he was captain of Rangers.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Ferguson spoke at length of the chance encounters with Celtic players outside of the madness of Scottish football and what he revealed was very refreshing, “I’m not gonna kid anybody on here. He was a top player (Stan Petrov), and top midfielder and a real good guy as well. As he says we hated each other for ninety minutes minutes, but the respect was always there.

“If you where out with your friends or your wife, you would have a quick chat with them (Celtic players). You’d have a beer with them, a glass of wine so there was none a what people think goes on.

“There’s always respect. Every time that I was in a group of Rangers players or out with my missus and I see a group of Celtic players I would always go over and have a chat with them and have a laugh.

“Even when you go away with the national team, there’s always Celtic and Rangers players and people would say me, ‘Did you sit separate and not speak to them?’ Listen, come on, we’re playing with the national team here, you’d have a laugh and a joke, and you try and give them a wee sly boot in training or whatever but there was always one thing I will say, with the guys that I played with at Rangers and the guys I played with at Celtic, there was always that mutual respect.”

To be honest, in a day and age where sectarian singing and fan hatred of each other was probably at it’s height, this is a refreshing insight to the relationships players on both sets of the divide.


It really was just a matter of time. After all the furore of Rangers title rampage in Glasgow City Centre, videos of racist singing, anti Catholic rhetoric and the title party thrown by Rangers* at Ibrox where players where (we have to now say allegedly) singing sectarian songs to Sweet Caroline, the great cover up and whataboutery is in full swing.

Not long after the video of Rangers* players allegedly singing “F*CK the Pope” to the lyrics of Sweet Caroline, Police Scotland issued a statement telling the world that they would be investigating the video.

Rangers* immediately questioned the authenticity of the video and their fans claimed it was faked, even although it was streamed live at the time, it seems now that Police Scotland have concluded their investigation. Their verdict? Move along, nothing to see here!

In a single tweet, Police Scotland said, “In relation to a video circulating on social media showing Rangers players allegedly using sectarian language on Saturday 15 May, extensive enquiries have been carried out and no criminality has been established.”

Now, the video is real and strangely not fabricated like the Govan club suggests, of that there is no doubt so what were they singing?

But, and here’s the kicker, was holding a party indoors and serving alcohol, with no face masks and zero social distancing not criminality?

Clear government guidelines were broken, just like they were in March but as per usual, blind eyes were turned. Sevco do have to have the answers, it’s just a pity Police Scotland asked the wrong questions.


It’s a strange wee world we live in. Only in the Scottish media would a £5m profit on a player be regarded as a negative.

With Odsonne Edouard about to depart for the bright lights of Leicester City, the £20m reported payment that Celtic will receive will be subject to a sell on clause owed to Paris St Germain.

It is well known that the French billionaires will be owed 50% of any profit made on the Frenchman so why are the media intent on spinning it now as a negative?

The simple answer is it’s because it’s Celtic. With the success of the Hoops being able to buy low and sell high over the last few years, the written press simply can’t wait for a negative spin to be laid on the next transfer “disaster”.

Now, let me be clear. A 50% sell on clause is madness in any transfer deal but if that is what it took to get Eddy to Paradise then I for one am delighted.

Plus the 50% clause is not a surprise. Everyone knew about it at the time. The press knew, the supporters knew and so did any potential buyer.

So why the negativity? Granted the price Celtic are going to receive is significantly less than what it would have been last summer, but if Edouard went for £35m instead of £20m, would the press be reporting a profit of £13m as a positive or the fact that PSG are owed £13m as a negative?

I think we all know the answer to that.

The Klimala Drama

The Patryk Klimala transfer was a strange one. £3.5m for a relatively unknown 21 year old Pole that wasn’t exactly prolific in front of goal, his time at Celtic was a short and fruitless era.

Now, let me get this straight off the bat. Even though I wasn’t sure on the boy, what I did see, I liked. Strong, fast and powerful. Had an engine like a locomotive, his work ethic was never in question.

Although he made twenty five appearances for the Hoops scoring just three goals, Celtic still managed to recoup the transfer fee paid by offloading him to New York Red Bulls.

With the majority of his appearances coming off the bench, I always felt he was  very unlucky in his Celtic career and never got a decent crack at the whip to make his mark, and Red Bulls boss Kevin Therwell agreed, as did the mystery Klimala supporters in the Hoops backroom team.

Speaking to the media, Therwell was gushing in his praise for Klimala and revealed some of the backroom team at Paradise wanted to keep him on, “I had outstanding references on him at Celtic.

” There were some people there who didn’t want to let him go, didn’t feel he had the opportunity perhaps he should have done and were also saying if he did get the opportunity Celtic would have been a lot better for it.

“These are people I trust and people we trust within our network.

I always felt he looked a player but he wasn’t the kind of forward that fitted into the Celtic system at the time.  Klimala looked like a striker that would run off knock downs and through balls but with Celtic more often than not playing just the one striker up front, even getting a first team chance never mind playing in a partnership was ever looking likely.

Which made the signing even stranger. However, I wish him well. He had terrific  potential, it’s just a shame he didn’t have a coaching team offering him the chance to prove himself


The clamour for the new manager is understandable. I even get the anger towards people like me that report or write about pundits and ex players opinions on when the new manager will be announced or even who the new manager will be.

From my point of view, it is extremely frustrating trying to put a positive spin on the continued speculation regarding the Celtic manager. It has been over 80 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic and by rights, the new man should be in place already.

Cast your mind back to 2016. Celtic had been put out the Scottish Cup in penalties against Rangers*. There was absolute uproar amongst the fans as the Newco denied the Hoops with a squad, quite frankly, that should never have got anywhere near that Hoops side. Ronny Delia eventually left the club and Brendan Rodgers was appointed.

That date of that appointment? 23rd May 2016. Ten days from now. Now obviously I know the circumstances were different as Rangers* are now resurgent but does anyone else remember another time when Celtic struggled against their financially doped rivals and the points difference was about the same as this season?

Cast your mind even further back. The year 2000. Oldco won the league by 21 points. Celtic were seven points worse off then and when did they eventually appoint Martin O’Neill? June of that summer. June. And what happened after that is now folklore.

And I would say that Celtic were in a worse place then than they are now. Eddie Howe looks like the man who will eventually be unveiled. There is plenty of time for the new manager to get his feet under the table and turn this around.

All that is needed is patience and time.

the time celtic scouted a brazilian wonderkid and came back with scheidt

We all remember the day this Brazilian powerhouse was paraded at Celtic Park with the scarf above his head and the smiles when he was donning the Hoops on the photo shoot.

One of the signings from the ill fated John Barnes era, Scheidt was a phenomenon. Not with his footballing ability, but the fact Gremio managed to syphon £5m out of Celtic for a player that couldn’t tackle a fish supper never mind Scottish footballs top strikers.

Speaking on his A Celtic State of Mind podcast, host Paul John Dykes recalled the timeline of the move and revealed that Celtic were actually on the trail of a little known Brazilian called Ronaldinho when somehow, Scheidt caught the eye of the then scouting team, “Celtic sent some people on a scouting mission over to Brazil to watch Gremio in the late 90’s.

And at that time there was a young Ronaldinho tearing it up, and we brought home, Raphael Scheidt for 5 million quid. So we could have got Ronaldinho”

This is the first time I’d ever heard this story and it truly is amazing to think of what could have been. Hopefully the new manager will bring in a scouting team worthy of the Hoops and we don’t end up with more Scheidt in the squad.

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