“Care to comment baldy?”, “Grade A banger” – Heart & Hand has another nightmare and is roasted by Celtic fans

Now remember, this is Rangers official media partner.

Yes. It’s true.

A professional football club allays itself alongside this fan media outlet that has consistently embarrassed itself on social media and it still want’s to be associated with it.

Pretty much sums up the morals and professionalism of the club.

And here it is, stirring up controversy and using COVID as a means to point score over the latest crisis to hit Scottish football.

I’ve seen this kind of nonsense all day and to be honest, those fans would use anything to have a pop at Celtic but what I don’t get is this. Why are they so happy that fans are being restricted from watching their own team?

But, of course, this is the usual with them. All bluff and bluster. The eternal shame of Scottish football and my did the Hoops fans let him have it:

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