Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

“Canny be the only one who gets absolutely raging looking at this hobbit” – Sevco fans astonishing attack on Director after transfer comments

This is what amazes me when it comes to the Ibrox support.

They wanted GvB out. They got their wish.

They wanted Beale back. It was delivered.

And now they want the manager backed with transfer funds. Director says it shall be done.

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So why all the hate towards Ross Wilson?

He has delivered on all counts. He brought then GvB when the fans where crying out for him AND then he enticed the worlds best midfielder in the galaxy when he persuaded Aaron Ramsey to join them.

Both deals lauded as title changing if I remember correctly.

Of course I jest, that club is a clusterf**k of fun and everything they seem to touch turns to dust but the point still stands.

If you demand mediocrity, then that is what you will get.

The problem with Ibrox and their fans is that the majority of their watches stopped ticking at 1690 and they are incapable of taking the club forward.

So when they get hit with this from Wilson:

You would think they would be ecstatic, right?

By God no! It sent the fans into a perpetual state of rage and the outcome was simply glorious:

Looks like the guy can’t win. I suppose that’s what happens when you just ‘try’ though.

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