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“Bottle jobs”, “It was cheating!” – Chris Sutton slams World Cup star

Chris Sutton is famous for his top class punditry.

The former Celtic striker is outspoken, calls it how is and is not afraid to give his views or opinions on the game. No matter who it offends.

Sutton has seen himself banned from a certain ground in Glasgow for giving his honest opinion on the game and how he sees it.

This time though it’s not Celtic, or Rangers, Sutton is talking about.

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It’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese superstar hit the headlines last night for being the first player to score in 5 consecutive World Cups.

An incredible achievement, but it has been marred somewhat with his onfield antics where Sutton has accused the Portuguese legend of cheating to win his team a penalty against Ghana.

Have a watch:

And this morning he let Ronaldo have it both barrels on the Daily Mail Facebook page:

“It’s not the first time is it? I’ve got to say, the VAR officials are absolute bottle jobs.

“And I’ve got to say, it isn’t good play from Ronaldo. It’s a trerrible example for young kids around the world. Everybody will be tumbling over.

“He’s a brilliant player but it was cheating.

“It’s embarrassing really how they missed it. You don’t have to watch it too many times to see that he went over.

“Totally manufactures. Out of order.

“It wasn’t a penalty. It’s cheating and it’s out of order.”

Ronaldo is one of the greats of the game and controversy like this doesn’t do him any favours at all.

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