Main stand turnstiles at Celtic Park

Borna Barisic has played his hand early; Celtic fans can expose it

With the next Glasgow Derby upon us, the build up all week has been business as usual for Celtic.

Calm in the press conferences, readying the players for the occassion and working in getting the injured players back in time for the game.

No pressure in the build up. Unlike Borna Barisic. The Rangers defender opened up on his last Derby experience when he recalled an altercation with a Celtic fan.

Speaking in the Daily Record, Barisic said, “Someone was saying bad things at me and I don’t like that.

“I reacted but on the streets I may have reacted even more. But we are not on the streets and I represent this club.”

Wow. Just. Wow. If you ever needed to question the mentality of one of your players leading into this game, then this does it.

Someone said bad things about me? People say bad things about me all the time but if I ever let it get to me that way, I would be in the jail!

But seriously, this is Glasgow. This is home of one of the biggest derbies in the world. If you can’t take abuse from the stands, then you shouldn’t be at Celtic or Rangers.

If I was a Rangers fan, I’d be worried at these comments. And the Celtic fans? Well now we know one of Barisic’s weaknesses. Time to exploit it.

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