“Bloody Ludicrous” – Lennon’s COVID Defence Obliterated By Talksport Shock Jock Live On Air

Neil Lennon took to Talksport to bump his gums again about the injustice he felt Celtic received after the clubs Dubai trip in January and hinted at double standards by Government officials in respect to the latest Billy Gilmour diagnosis and the fact not one of the Scottish squad were not identified as a “close contact”.

Speaking today on the English radio station, Lennon said, “We got shutdown. We had photographs of us being on the bus and the train and the government shut us down.

“Sixteen of us had to isolate in the end which we felt was ridiculous as we had followed all the protocols.

“This is a similiar situation, but there doesn’t seem to be any intervention from government officials on this one.”

But co host of the show, Simon Jordan was having none of Lennon’s excuses and ripped into the former Celtic gaffer, “You guys were bloody ludicrous going on that trip.

“Just because someone tells you that you can do something it doesn’t mean it’s wise to do it.

“The fact of the matter is we’re right in the eye of a pandemic, there was only going to be a downside. There was no upside here for you.

“Do you know what happens with your principles when you die, Neil? Your principles die with you.

“Sometimes your principles aren’t worth upholding for an area of exposure.”

“And I looked at it, despite the fact I like you and I wanted success for you, I though it was a bad move.

Lennon still will not accept responsibility for a trip that, although was within the rules, was an unmitigated PR disaster. Like many of his appearances on media shows and written columns, Lennon simply does not like to should any blame whatsoever for his part in a shambolic season that has left a massive stain on his reputation with the Celtic fans.

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2 thoughts on ““Bloody Ludicrous” – Lennon’s COVID Defence Obliterated By Talksport Shock Jock Live On Air”

  1. Why don’t you just leave the man alone he did more for Celtic than you will ever do

    1. Yep you’re absolutely correct. He also did more wrong for Celtic than I will ever do. Does that mean we shouldn’t pass comment?

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