“If there are too many set backs” – Hugh Keevins continues his hypocritical Postecoglou agenda

It’s a strange wee world that we live in.

After a very good 2-1 home win against Aberdeen on Saturday, Hugh Keevins, on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, went on a strange little ramble about how if Ange had lost against Aberdeen there would have been uproar amongst the Celtic fans.

This was after Celtic had WON the game. Aberdeen were no closer to winning the match than Celtic were to losing it.

It was very surreal for a man that continually claims he doesn’t deal in hypotheticals he certainly loves to delve in one were Celtic are concerned.

He was at it again on the show where he now made a claim about Ange Postecoglou sticking to his principals and how he may need to change them, “As far as Ange Postecoglou’s philosophy, you cannot criticise a man who says I refuse to compromise my principles.

However, on the other side of the coin, there is sometimes a price to be paid for not compromising your principles.

And in a results driven business, Ange is the fans favourite, they love him.

But if there are too many setbacks, then they will demand he compromises principles.”

Am I missing something here? When was the last time Celtic lost a domestic match? When is the last time Celtic were even close to losing a game using Postecoglou’s playing style?

Europe? That’s a completely different ball game. But then, this another bug bear of mine.

Ange consistently says he always uses Europe as a barometer to see how his team are progressing. That is what he does.

What use is compromising your style in the very games you say you want to test your teams progress? What would we learn?

I just wish these pundits and journalists would stop this inane garbage and start focusing on the job the Celtic gaffer is doing.

In Europe after Christmas. Major domestic cup final BEFORE Christmas.

Compromise your style? Don’t you dare Ange.

“Agree, that needs follow up” – Are Celtic set to take action on the foodbank scandal?

The foodbank scandal just isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The furore over this matter will continue as long as the fans question the validity of the Police and and Glasgow City Councils claims on the matter.

As was revealed yesterday, it seems the Police instructed traffic wardens to target the foodbank vans as they loaded their donations to take them to the most needy in Glasgow.

GCC astonishingly revealed, ““Parking restrictions are in place around Celtic Park on match day to ensure key routes are kept clear for emergency service vehicles at all times.

On Sunday Police Scotland made our parking enforcement team aware of a number of vehicles parked on London Road next to Celtic Park, which were in breach of these restrictions.

Which seems to fly in the face of Police claims that Celtic had instructed the move.

The fans are demanding answers and action from the club and it seems they will not need to wait long as the Celtic Supporters Liaison officer is now involved:

But The Celtic Trust were having none of that and want the club to investigate further:

So it looks like we haven’t heard the last of this. Let’s hope the club grows a backbone and sorts this whole sorry mess out!

Sevco fan site believes £3.6m move is on. What planet do they live on?

After their annual AGM, it seemed not a flying fig was given about Sevco’s latest financial figures.

£23m in losses.

£23m and counting. And as they have finally secured the £7.5m they required to keep the lights on until the end of the season, it seems that everything is rosy in the Ibrox financial garden.

This may be why Rangers News believe they have the chance to sign a player at £3.6m.

According to their wishy washy report, “Rangers scouts have been spotted taking in the Belgian Pro League match between Anderlecht and Charleroi over the weekend with reported January target Francis Amuzu starting the game.

There has been some conjecture regarding who the Bears representatives were looking at amid reports from Le Soir that the Gers were in attendance at the match.

I’ll tell you what they weren’t looking at. The guy they think they could sign for £3.6m. That’s who.

At a time when they have abandoned their plans for a safe standing area and provide shocking facilities for their disabled supporters to take in the game, there is a more pressing need to sort their inhouse financial issues than spend millions on one player.

And why aren’t they asking this one question? If that kind of money was available, why wasn’t Gerrard given any of it in the last two windows? Are they not all of a sudden cash rich now they have a new gaffer?

Or have they sold Gio a pup?

We will see what the transfer window brings.

“That right mate, aye?” – Portuguese ‘insider’ brilliantly owned for Jota tweet

It seems Celtic fans have had enough of this guy.

The man that brought us Eddy to Leicester Ajer to AC Milan has now brought us another blockbusting scoop in the world of Celtic transfers.

Pedro Almeida has somehow appeared from the woodwork in recent months and refers to himself as a Portuguese insider.

What his insider knowledge is baffles me because it is certainly not his ability to get any transfer story regarding Celtic correct.

Not too long ago he predicted this:

Ajer went to Brentford. Not in the January window, but the following summer.

And then there was this:

Deal done apparently. Except it wasn’t. And it wasn’t even correct when he predicted it back in March as well:

So is it any wonder that the Hoops fans have lost patience after his latest prediction involving fans favourite, Jota?

So not only has he got Celtic signing him, he has him sold on already. He really is gaining a reputation of tweeting absolute nonsense and the Hoops fans called him out on it:

And this sort of garbage is going to ramp up a notch the closer we get to the transfer window.

My advice? Anything ‘reported’ by this guy should be filed under ‘Pish’.

“I hope our players insurance policies are up to date” – Reaction to Celtic referee announcement as fans expect more ‘honest mistakes’

As Celtic prepare for a tough SPFL home tie against Hearts tomorrow night at Celtic Park, the announcement of who will referee the match was met with the utmost derision by the Celtic fans.

Bobby Madden is reviled by the Celtic support for many reasons. Not only does he have an affinity for the team in blue, his past refereeing performances for Celtic have been nothing but disgraceful.

Popular twitter account Rhebel Rhebel pointed out three occasions where Madden missed, what can only be described as blatant assaults, on Celtic players.

He seemed to ‘miss’ Andy Halliday’s ankle high tackle from behind on Hoops captain Callum McGregor on the first day of this season. He also missed a two footed lunge by Kenny Miller in a Glasgow Derby a few seasons ago and the assault on Kieran Tierney against Aberdeen where the former Hoops left back lost a tooth.

So it is no surprise that the fans are not happy with this announcement and they were quick to let their feelings be heard:

All eyes will be on Madden come Thursday night and you can be sure if there are any decisions that are deemed as ‘honest mistakes’ the Celtic fans will let him know about them!

“I think it’s a gamble you’ve got to take” – Listen to Barry Ferguson’s amazing all or bust title strategy.

This was an incredible take from a former Rangers man that watched the first incarnation of his club die after the EBT scandal.

After posting losses of £23m for the Ibrox club, at their AGM yesterday, the claims of financial stability seem to be have been accepted by those connected to the club as they are seemingly pinning their hopes of winning the league to guarantee Champions League Group stage football and that dangling carrot of £40m.

Players sales will not be happening in order to make the club more financially stable.

This is a dangerous strategy and one that was adopted prior to 2012, when Oldco Rangers died chasing the European dream.

It seem no lessons have been learned, and with compliance and not a single cross examination from anyone in the media, the new Rangers are following the exact same route as the Oldco.

And Barry Ferguson had his say on The Go Radio Football Show and , incredibly, seemed to be in favour of this, “Look what you’re getting in May. You’re getting £40m.

Listen I think it’s a gamble you’ve got to take as well. Cause listen, £40m into the coffers, if it is Rangers, will clearly help them.

With obviously the losses they’ve had and obviously Celtic would look to go and strengthen to try and get that pot of gold come the middle of May.

” I know what I would do if I was Rangers. Gio, I don’t think would have took the job. I think he would haveasked them if he was getting to keep this core group. These are the important players for me. I don’t think if he was coming in it was gonna be a fire sale.

I think that might happen you might see one or two ago at the end of the season. I would be surprised if I seen it in January.”

It really is an incredible stance to take and a complete disregard of all the other football clubs that are trying to stay financially stable at a time when coming out of the COVID crisis.

All or bust is the strategy it seems.

From where I am sitting, it looks like the former way win the day.

“Strange behaviour”, “A funny breed”, “Give Lizzie her dough” – Celtic fans react to incredible Jimmy Bell video

This is without doubt probably THE most embarrassing video I have seen yet.

We all know about the famous picture of the Queen in the Ibrox dressing room.

Having that in there is toe curling enough, but to take pride in the way that Ibrox kit man, Jimmy Bell, does is just mind bendingly brilliant.

In a video tweeted by prominent Celtic blogger, Phil Mac Giolla Bháin, it shows former Rangers defender Artur Numan, giving a Dutch TV crew a tour of the Ibrox dressing room.

In fact, just watch it……

The pride and seriousness of the reply was brilliant enough. Without a second’s thought, the staunch-o-meter was right through the Ibrox roof.

Well it is fair to say the video got the full Celtic fan treatment and it is no wonder.

Incredible global Bernard Higgins message the board MUST take heed of

Yesterday I reported on the support the Celtic fans received from a Spanish Ultra’s group, Desperdicis 07, where they stood in unison with the Hoops support in their stance of the controversial appointment of police chief Bernard Higgins to a prominent role at Celtic Park.

Much reviled by the fans for his part in delivering the OBAF Act in Scotland, Higgins has been told in no uncertain terms that the fans do want him anywhere near the club.

But the message didn’t just stop at Spain.

Twitter account @FACKilltheBill tweeted out a series of messages from support from all over the globe is a stunning thread that spans from Australia to Canada.

The message to the Celtic board is simple, do the right thing and stop the plans to hire this guy. And you have to hand it to the fans, they certainly know how to get their message accross.

Can you imagine the furore if this appointment gets the go ahead?

“Never. Gets. Old” – Watch Banter years return after Scottish Cup draw

Yeah, I know the draw was yesterday and I get the irony of being drawn with Barry Ferguson’s Alloa in the Scottish Cup.

But, believe it or not, that wasn’t the first thing I thought of when Alloa was drawn out the hat.

Well, actually, it was the second thing I thought of because the first thing was, ‘That’s a good draw for us.

The second thing was that video.

We all know the video. The one of the pissed up Sevco fan cutting about the Ibrox stands as his reborn club were drawing 0-0 with Alloa.

Voice breaking like a 12 year old as he sang, “Same old Alloa, always cheating!” has to be up there with one of the best memories of that time.

I mean just thinking about it. How would he know who the same old Alloa is and if he did, can he prove they are always cheating?

It is a brilliant video and one that will forever be remembered as the newco club made their struggles through the Scottish lower tiers and the expense of millions of pounds and STILL struggled to make it into the SPFL.

Ah the memories!

Davie Provan’s worrying Jota message

As the speculation intensifies around Celtic sensation Jota’s future, the Hoops fans are all waiting with baited breath to see if the Celtic board will stump up the cold, hard cash for the Portuguese winger.

According to Davie Provan, the fans are going to be disappointed as he believes this current Celtic board do not have the ambition to see the move through.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Provan was damning of the board when he said, “Celtic are not going to pay six and a half million for Jota.

They should. No question.

Would this board pay six and a half million for anyone?

I think the days of paying six million for Chris Sutton, six million for Neil Lennon, I think those days are gone.

“That’s what I’ve been asking for years [about the ambition of the board] and I’ve been dismissed at times of being a heretic because they were winning the league every season.

It was all about ten in a row and in the meantime, the team was going backwards.

And the way you gauge that is you look at your European results, and the evidence was there. The board either could see and didn’t want to do anything about it or they couldn’t see it.”

In some ways I want to ridicule this message and remind Davie that we paid £9m for Edouard, £7m for Julien and £5m for Ajeti and Barkas so the board do splash the cash.

The just have a knack recently of spending it on rubbish.

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