“Blatant, pro Rangers refereeing” – Raging Hoops fan on Ibrox ‘goal’

There has always been this notion that the team from Govan suffer from pro selective refereeing decisions.

I’m not sure if suffer is the correct word. Maybe benefit.

Let me start again.

There has always been this notion that Rangers benefit from refereeing ‘honest mistakes’ in the Scottish league.

‘Honest mistakes’. A term that has been floating about the Scottish game for so long it was named that as a mistake. Honest.

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Well there was one Celtic fan that has, after only six games, already had enough and called the Record Hotline to rage at the most recent decision that benefitted the Ibrox team.

Fashion Sakala ‘scored’ a blatantly obvious offside goal against Motherwell in yesterday’s 1-1 draw and there has been much derision at how the referee and his linesman missed such an obvious ruling.

This one Hoops fans was raging, especially as the Parkhead club had a clearly legitimate goal ruled offside at Tyncastle in the first game of the season, that he called the Hotline to offload his anger, “Already this season we are seeing blatant, pro-Rangers refereeing raise its head as usual.

The laughable decision to award Rangers a goal that was a yard offside on Sunday comes after Celtic had an onside equaliser at Hearts chopped off.

That’s Rangers already benefiting by two points and this season I’m going to keep track of every single dodgy decision.”

We are always told that these things even themselves out over the course of a season and I’m looking forward to this fans end of season update on whether or not this is true.

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2 thoughts on ““Blatant, pro Rangers refereeing” – Raging Hoops fan on Ibrox ‘goal’”

  1. Scottish refereeing bias is equalled only by that shown towards Mielki’s Stasi team, Berliner Fussballclub Dynamo years ago. Or strange decisions allowing Platini’s previous club, Juventus, to prevail with highly dubious decisions.
    Honest mistakes my arse.

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