“Biggest hypocrites in football”, “Absolute helmets”, “They’re raging” – Celtic fans react to incredible Sevco COVID hypocrisy

It certainly has been a week for it hasn’t it?

From the euphoria of the cup win to the disappointment of the draw at St Mirren, you really couldn’t write this week up.

But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel though.

And it comes in the form of the banter club, Rangers.

All week we have listened to their fans batter on about continuing to play in front of reduced crowds.

All week we have listened to their nonsense about Celtic using the pandemic to get their players fit.

All. Week.

Until yesterday. When Statement F.C. released an angry worded, well, statement about their ‘disappointment’ at only having 500 fans attend a match on Boxing Day, “We share the immense frustration of our loyal fans, who would have ensured the match would have been a sell-out, however, we will now only be able to welcome a miniscule proportion of that proposed crowd to the stadium.

And then it’s funny how the mood changes after that though?

Have a read at this thread and find the sudden sea change as the Ibrox fans hit reverse and NOW change their opinions on the 500 crowd limit. Embarrassing.

And the Celtic fans called it out:

Or is the real reason because of this?

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