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Beale get’s his ball(s) handed to him as Head of Operations brands him ‘unprofessional’

It’s about time the Rangers boss was taken down a peg or two.

Micks Mooth has done nothing but run away with itself and it seems he is making more enemies than friends in his short tenure in Govan.

If he’s not obsessing about Celtic or Ange, he moaning about points tallies or transfer windows or telling wee white lies about international football players coming to join his club in January.

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He’s quickly turning into a parody of himself and whilst Celtic remain quiet on his ramblings, St Johnstone’s Head of Operations Gus McPherson has had enough of him.

Beale was greeting about the St Johnstone pitch and McPherson hit back, “There was a lot of criticism from the Rangers side after the game here.

“Personally, I thought that was very unprofessional — and I did remark on that the following week when we played them at Ibrox.

I love the fact that someone from one of the so-called smaller teams has come out and rattled his cage.

Maybe Mick will just focus on his own clubs issues and stop being an utter f***y.

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