“Be careful what you wish for” – Celtic daft stand up’s Kris Boyd jab

I hope Kris Boyd is ok.

After his meltdown last night on Sky Sports I hope he feels better because it was quite an incredible act of blatant unbiased reporting as you will ever see.

So much so that Boyd is now calling for the introduction of VAR on an industrial scale.

Which is kind of ironic is it not?

Considering the amount of dodgy decision his team have received this season alone, or red cards not mooted out, Boyd should stop playing with matches cause he could end up getting burned.

And that was the message Celtic supporting stand up comedienne Susie McCabe sent to ‘Boydy’.

It’s long been a standing joke between Celtic fans that the referee’s always seem to have a bias towards the boys from Govan and no doubt a few of them have allegiance’s, which is why you would have thought Boyd would want the smart money on VAR being kept out of Scotland.

But Boyd never was the smartest man in the room. Hell, even when he is the only man in the room he’s still not the smartest.

One thought on ““Be careful what you wish for” – Celtic daft stand up’s Kris Boyd jab”

  1. I wonder when the penny will drop at sky? Boyd,s an embarrassment purely because he,s as thick as mince. Everything about this clown is false ( hair,teeth) but you can,t manufacture intelligence and his lack of it not to mention his rabid hatred of Celtic should mean Sky realises he,s damaging their brand. A bigot who enjoys being a bigot and also a vastly overrated player who struggled at any team that expected their striker to do anything other than hang about the 6 yard box .

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