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BBC Sportsound presenter says Rangers star ‘cheated’ and referee was ‘hoodwinked’ over Fir Park red card. Kettlewell opens up on ‘conversation’ with Crawford Allan

VAR, if it’s done anything, has united the Scottish football support unanimously in the fact that it’s simply not working in Scotland.

Whilst I admit that the new technology does get decision correct, they are getting a helluva lot of the big flashpoint decisions wrong.

Take Fir Park where Rangers (surprise, surprise) faced Motherwell, the Ibrox club benefitted again from two decisions that had a material difference on the outcome of the game.

The Fashion Sakala ‘offside’ and the Callum Slattery ‘red card’.

VAR failed at the Sakala offside that allowed the Rangers third goal to stand but it was the Motherwell players red card that really drew and incredible response from Sportscene’s Richard Foster.

But it was Richard Gordon’s take on BBC Sportsound that really grabbed my attention, “I mean, I’m not sure Richard Foster has calmed down yet.

He was so innervated by the whole thing last night and I can understand it.

Because as a player you know, that essentially you’ve been cheated there. The referee has certainly been hoodwinked by the actions of Todd Cantwell.”

Motherwell manager, Stuart Kettlewell said of the incident, “Yeah, I think that is the biggest frustration.

For me, it’s not a second yellow, however, with the players reaction and I’ve said this.

I’ve had a conversation with Crawford Allan this morning and it was really amicable conversation. I just wanted to ask one or two questions, which he gave me answers on.

But the one that I did say was I realised that Nick Walsh’s job becomes incredibly difficult when the player falls down in the fashion that he did holding his face when there was contact.

But it wasn’t in his face so this is the one that you start to become frustrated with.”

One thing is for sure, a question must be asked as to how one team benefits one club more than any other in Scotland.

Surely we’re not going down the lines of it being just a coincidence and whilst the BBC team’s reaction to this is refreshing, I don’t think it will last too long.

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