Barry Ferguson’s breathtaking Porteous hypocrisy

The Ryan Porteous red card has been the hot topic of debate this week as football fans up and down the country debate whether or not the Hibs defender was guilty of recklessness which deserved his marching orders.

The topic took to the airwaves where Barry Ferguson was giving his opinion on the matter and for Barry, there was no doubt in his mind about the decision the referee took.

Speaking on Go Radio, Ferguson said, “That was a card for me it was a reckless challenge.

“I was watching the game live, and, and my first thought was, it was a good tackle. And, but then I seen it at a different angle.

“So Ryan Porteous is clearly over the top of the ball. It’s reckless and it’s a red card for me.”

Less than a minute later the host, Paul Cooney asked Ferguson about his own teams sending off where Alloa’s Mouhamed Niang was sent off after 25 seconds and what the Alloa manager had to say was very interesting, “I’ll be honest with you I was shocked.

The game had just started and obviously, Mouhamed Niang who we have got on loan from Partick Thistle.

But I can see why the referee’s sent him off.

He is the type of player, he’s all action, and he’s went slightly over the ball on Shay Logan.

So I can see why the referee sent him off.

I thought because it was the first 20 seconds he may be have got a yellow card. That kind of changes our full outlook on the game.”

Hold up! So Porteous was a reckless and over the ball challenge that deserved a red card but Niang’s over the ball challenge wasn’t because it was only 25 seconds into the game?

Is there a time period cut off where you are allowed to make these kind of challenges and then after that THEN it’s a red card offence?

C’mon Barry. It’s not The Purge. Hypocrisy at its finest here.

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