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Are Celtic fans starting to forgive Brendan Rodgers?

His name is synonymous with success is Brendan Rodgers. A Double Treble and a proper Invincibles season will forever etch his name amongst the legendary status of managers like Jock Stein and Martin O’Neill.

But to many, Brendan Rodgers legacy was tarnished when he walked out of the club in February of 2019.

A sneaky backdoor exit and the rumours that he tried to take the majority of the backroom team and Callum McGregor meant that in many Celtic fans eyes, he is unforgivable.

But for others, he will always remain a legend.

Now usually when fans are asked what they think of Rodgers it almost always met with a tinge of fury mixed with a tiny spattering of others that recognise what he did for the club.

Brendan turns 50 today and this question was asked on Twitter:

And to my surprise, the replies were full of the usual venom they used to be.

Sure, there was a few ‘rat’ comments and such but on the whole, most people recognised his role in Celtic’s recent history:

“Good coach. Helped transform us on and off the pitch. Before his arrival, we had banners over the top tier and no demand for tickets. For that we should be grateful. Unfortunately, lacks loyalty and carries a huge ego. No one is perfect however”

Canny argue with his record at Celtic , smashed it domestically, his downfall was sneaking oot the back door , if he had come out and announced his intentions would of left on better terms, but nobody can deny he gave us some magical moments”

“No denying he’s a great coach, brought alot oof our players to a different level, made us so much more professional on and of the field with his attention to detail and sports science approach. Definitely not a Celtic man.”

“Brilliant coach. Will remember him for a lot of great reasons as we played class football and got us looking like a proper set up again. However I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him”

Have a look at the thread and let me know in the comments your thoughts on the former Celtic manager.

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