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Anthony Joseph highlights two key reasons why Celtic are ahead of Rangers; names player who had a “great” Glasgow Derby game

The gap. It’s not big, right! Rangers are right on our coat tails and we never won the Glasgow Derby or the league. They lost it.

And don’t you forget it.

That’s the narrative that’s being spun this week as the press fall over themselves to make the Ibrox club feel better about their shortcomings.

But here, Anthony Joseph disputes that and details what is keeping Celtic ahead of our rivals.

Speaking on the Celts are Here podcast, Joseph said, “I think the difference between the two sides is Celtic have that extra quality and that extra strength in depth.

But there’s also the mentality side of it. I think Rangers, perhaps, were able to showcase more of their football because the pressure was off them.

But Celtic, who I felt I felt were off the boil in large parts of that game. There was a lot of slack passing, there was a lot of players out of position at times as well.

And defensively, Carl Starfelt had a great game. But the mentality that is installed in this team is the reason that they go on to win these games.”

How far are Celtic ahead of Rangers?

Twelve points, for a start.

But in terms of managerial and squad strength, we are light years ahead.

On three occasions Celtic have have faced them we haven’t played at our best, Rangers gave everything and we still took a cup and the league. That must be demoralising on every level.

Financially, they simply do not come close.

As Celtic are on course to break the £100m revenue mark, our rivals post yet another loss that are akin to the old club.

But I suppose in some way the press are right. There is no gap. It’s a chasm.

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