“Annual summer pantomime.” – Damning Times report on the current Celtic circus

There has been plenty said about Celtic and how it has conducted it’s business this summer.

In fact, you could extend that to as far back as October last year when the Hoops walls started crashing down around them at the beginning of the end of the Neil Lennon era.

However, Times reporter Michael Grant, was written a fascinating piece this morning where he takes aim at every failing of the Celtic board.

From the dithering of the appointment, or non appointment, of Eddie Howe where Grant describes it as, “The Celtic board waited an eternity for Eddie Howe to piss or get off the pot only for them to be the ones caught with their pants down when he eventually said no.

To the clubs failed transfer policy of holding onto players for a year longer than they should have emanated itself onto the park to the degree where the fans where protesting for the removal of Neil Lennon, only for the Parkhead powermen to dither another six months on that decision.

A decision that eventually cost Celtic every major trophy they had dominated for last four years.

But the one damning and overall shot to the head to the Celtic board in Grant’s piece was this, “So, just to be clear, this is not a club synonymous with decisiveness and swift decision-making.

Landing Ange Postecoglou within days of the custard pie from Howe was done out of panic and necessity.

For years Celtic prided themselves on being financially prudent and stable when in fact that caution and conservatism on the board — both small and capital C applies — also informed and underpinned their wider decision-making.

They don’t sign players quickly enough, they take aeons to get rid of a manager or appoint one, and they have three senior directors who have been on the board for a combined 62 years, yet it’s being suggested that when McKay’s face didn’t fit they were so clear-headed about it he was gone in 71 days.

Bingo! And there it is. Right on the money.

As soon as the board realised McKay’s face didn’t fit, he was gone.

They thought they had hired a yes man when in fact they took on a man who had genuine ambition to take the club forward.

A man the supporters would have loved.

But ambition costs money. And spending money will cost bonuses.

And we just simply cannot have that. Can we?

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