Ibrox Stadium

The outstanding Celtic fan video that depicts Beale’s press antics has gone viral

I think we can all agree on one thing.

The way that Michael Beale has handled himself in the press this week has been nothing but shambolic.

The Rangers manager has been playing second fiddle to Ange in the written press and the Celtic boss just looks head and shoulders above the Ibrox gaffer in every way, shape and form.

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The mind games coming out of Ibrox is a desperate cry for attention but the attention Beale craves, he is not getting from Ange.

And this video really sums up the situation brilliantly:

Ange has Beale in knots and dancing to his wee tune because the more Ange dismisses the Ibrox gaffers bullsh*t, the more he comes away with some outlandish crap that screams ‘Pay attention to me!’

We saw today how Fashion Sakala has also got caught up in the bull today with his stupid and unprofessional comment to our club but that is what they do.

They pander to the moronic element of their support. You know the ones.

The brown brogue, cardigan wearing, staunch standing tadgers that lap up this media garbage whilst pretending that they are a ‘big club’.

I genuinely hope that we smash the living sh*t out of them on Sunday.

I don’t just want a win. I want a mauling. A mauling so bad that the box we put them back into won’t be big enough to fit their swollen balls because we booted them into oblivion.

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