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“Ange Postecoglou doesn’t scare me” – Tom English left stunned as BBC pundit goes full on staunch mode

There are people out there that are true ‘Rangers men’.

You know the type. The upward standing, chest forward, brogue wearing ‘proud Scot but‘ type.

And one tried, and failed miserably, to prove that he is one of those.

Former Oldco player Kevin Thomson made an appearance on BBC Sportsound as a pundit to talk about the dismissal of GvB and, to be honest, if he had any aspirations of talking himself up for the job, he has done himself no favours.

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Thomson claimed that anyone who applies for the job and asks about budgets should not be entertained.

Yes. That’s correct. In a world where GvB openly admitted that the club can’t compete on the European stage because of budgets, Thompson says that the very thing that cost the Dutchman his job, is an irrelevance.

And it left Tom English gobsmacked. Have a listen:

10 out of 10 for staunchness but a complete failure to live in the real world.

Just what the hell is he talking about?

If the budget talk wasn’t bad enough, to think that he could get more out of Morelos and Kent and all the other failures in that Ibrox side is just hilarious.

So I’m throwing a name into the hat.

Give Kevin Thomson the job!

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