Andy Halliday’s brilliant hypocrisy laid bare at Turnbull tackle

Andy Halliday. The Rangers player Celtic fans loved to taunt.

Remember the time he was subbed of against us and he raged at wee Pedro? Delicious.

But I also remember the times he has played against us and… wait, we’ll get to that.

After Dundee United’s Callum Butcher’s horror tackle on David Turnbull over the weekend, Halliday was appearing in his usual weekly spot of Clyde 1 Superscoreboard when he was asked his opinion on the tackle.

And without a single hint of self awareness, Halliday said, “iwhoh nhowibr niobwg“.

I’m kidding. What he actually said was, “Yeah, listen it’s not pretty whatsoever.

It’s the last thing you want see in football because we’ve spoke so highly about David Turnbull over the last 18 months and what he brought to the Celtic team.

It looks bad straight away even in live television. It was really, really ugly.

I mean it ticks every box that a referee’s looking at.

It’s excessive force, it’s high, it’s reckless and David Turnbull is very, very fortunate not to pick up an injury.”

So ugly as in Callum McGregor’s ankle type ugly? Or ugly as in Paddy Roberts right knee ugly?

Or ugly as in the tackle from behind on Leigh Griffiths ugly?

Yeah Andy. Glass houses and stones do mix well do they?

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