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“And by every measure, he failed” – From EBT’s, to liquidation denial, Peter Lawwell blasted as CEO in tremendous history lesson

The imminent arrival of Peter Lawwell has probably been the most controversial news to hit the Celtic fans since Ange Postecoglou was appointed manager.

The failed bid for ten in a row was allowed to happen on his watch. And the main reason the ten in a row season failed?

It was Lawwell’s decision to hire Neil Lennon to take us over the line without interviewing a single candidate for the managers position after the Treble Treble was sealed.

That was were it was doomed to fail. It smacked of complacency and we paid the price for that.

But that’s not all we paid the price for according to The Celtic Blog’s James Forrest.

Appearing on the Endless Celts podcast, Forrest says Lawwell FAILED Celtic when he was CEO in this outstanding history lesson, “The way I see it we’ve got four phases of modern Celtic right. Two before Lawwell arrived and two after. The first one was Fergus.

As far as I’m concerned, the groundwork for modern Celtic was laid by Fergus McCann. This board has had no impact on what Fergus did.

Fergus built the stadium. Fergus started to work on the training ground. Fergus established the season ticket culture and our income at that time regularly reached £70 million, £80 million per season under Fergus when Fergus was running the shop.

Then you had the Martin O’Neill phase. Now, Martin had won a treble and a double and got to a European final, before Lawwell arrived. So Lawwell gets the credit for the trophy hall.

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29 trophies in 17 years, that was getting banged loudly over the weekend. Banged loudly.

There were 51 trophies up for grabs in that timeframe. We won 29 of them. That is about what you would expect the dominant team in a two horse race to win over that period.

Except, that for six years of that period, there was no challenger during that period. So you have to wonder if we underachieved during that time rather than overachieved.

I do know this, before they went out of business we won nine trophies in Lawwell’s first eight years. They won 10 and they reached a European final in that time.

And we know now, that they did it by cheating. We know the EBT scheme was there, we know the SFA knew about it and Peter Lawwell’s biggest responsibility in Phase Four, which started when they went out of business and the Newco crawled out of their grave, was to hold them to account for that.

“To make sure the trophies were stripped, to reform the SFA and get us justice and bring in domestic financial fair play. And by every measure, he failed.

By every one of them. A financially doped Ibrox team has now won another title and reached another European final on the back of it. All while he was in charge.

Anybody defends that record, it’s incredible. You have to not understand the record to defend it. It’s incredible.

And when the argument is put as articulately as that, it does serve as a warning to the Celtic fans that this appointment should be viewed with huge scepticism.

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