“Am I orange?” – Listen to Kris Boyd react to Celtic fan abuse

He was always going to be on a hiding to nothing was Kris Boyd.

After his disgraceful conduct on Thursday night as he targeted Kyogo’s and his goal as being offside, today’s match was the ideal opportunity for the Celtic fans to let Boys know of their feelings towards him.

As the Sky Sports pundit was trying to deliver his post match analysis, the Celtic fans pelted him with abuse during the whole of the build up and this was Boyd’s reaction to it:

Boyd is mainly known for his unbiased coverage of Celtic by the Hoops fans, and although I can understand their reaction, there should have been a better way to convey their disgust at the former Rangers striker.

Boyd will always be a controversial figure in Scottish football.

He is outspoken in his views, and has clear allegiance to a certain team in Glasgow which makes his punditry embarrassing to listen to as well as looking unprofessional for his paymasters at Sky Sports.

If Boyd wants to avoid being ridiculed then maybe, just maybe he needs to look at how he conducts himself.

He won’t, of course, but the Celtic fans should think before they react to Boyd as the songs being sung only give the village idiot more credence.

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3 thoughts on ““Am I orange?” – Listen to Kris Boyd react to Celtic fan abuse”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Don’t give that bigoted halfwit any publicity. Controversy is the only thing he brings to the table and must be the only thing keeping him in a job. He’s so stupid he makes pundits like Cammy Bell and Charlie Nicholas look like geniuses. Going forward he should only be referred to as”the zombie”

  2. Exactly. We want unbiased commentators like Walker & Provan, who, although player for Celtic, are prepared to be honest and say negative things when they deem it reasonable. However, seems alot ognour own fans moan about that!! Do they just talk the talk but would want a Boyd or Johnstone themselves?? No. Let sevco have sycophants, I’d far rather allowed ex players freedom of speech.

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