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Allan Hutton seems confused about Celtic’s next transfer target

It’s weird isn’t it?

How would a former *Rangers player have any inkling about how Celtic go about their transfer business?

It’s a strange one. But yet Allan Hutton is rolled out sporadically to talk about anything Celtic for the sake of a few soundbites.

Take his latest quotes for example.

Celtic are apparently linked with Aberdeen’s Connor Barron and by all accounts the club are looking for a hefty fee for the player that just made his first team breakthrough last season.

So the logical thing to do would be to approach a Celtic minded ex pro or Aberdeen pro about this story right? Wrong.

Nah, Allan Hutton is the go to man for all the insider knowledge of Celtic’s business and what does he suggest?

This, “I think it’s a gamble for both sides. From Celtic’s point of view, they’re buying potential.

“That was his first season in the league, in a team, by the way, in Aberdeen that were struggling. To play well in a struggling team shows you his mentality. That is obviously a good thing.

“But at 19, you can go to a bigger team and get lost. Is he going to be a regular starter for Celtic next season? Probably not. It can be difficult as a young player to deal with that, especially when you’ve been a regular.

“Whether there’s some sort of deal there where you buy him and loan him back, or he goes and gets games somewhere, could be ideal for both parties. It’s really down to the player.

So tell me this, how is this a gamble if, by Hutton’s own admission, Barron had a good season in a struggling Aberdeen side? Surely it is less of a gamble if he is coming to play in a side that dominates more games and has more possession than Aberdeen has?

Would Barron not flourish in a team like that?

So then he says it’s maybe an ideal move if we buy him, loan him out to and it could be ideal for both parties…….making it less….of….a……gamble?

The way these pundits go on about Celtic’s business when they really have no clue what they are talking about is just embarrassing.

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