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Alan Nixon reveals Sevco begging bowl is out as they aim for Celtic target

If ever there was a time when you know *Rangers are skint, it’s transfer window time. Well, that and when they actually publish the things.

Fans of the Govan club are desperate to see more additions to their squad and after the hilarious fee was revealed for Todd Cantwell, it seems their fans are blinded to their precarious financial position.

However, that hasn’t stopped their fans aiming high and as they claim that they are in for Celtic target Cho gue-sung, one fan asked Alan Nixon on Twitter if their club was still in for him.

Nixon said, “It’s obvious that the fee has been too high. Buyers went cool. Now sounds like the club want to get a sale … usual transfer market stuff.”

Must be hard being a Sevco fan. Being fed the stories of aiming for World Cup stars but ending up with players that no one wants and are at the ends of their contracts.

But it’s not as if they haven’t been warned. They have been told on many occassions that they don’t have a pot to p*ss in but they just won’t listen.

Maybe when they lose Alfie for free and sign more out of contract stars they will listen.

More chance of them not being up to their knees than that I suppose.

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