“Agree, that needs follow up” – Are Celtic set to take action on the foodbank scandal?

The foodbank scandal just isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The furore over this matter will continue as long as the fans question the validity of the Police and and Glasgow City Councils claims on the matter.

As was revealed yesterday, it seems the Police instructed traffic wardens to target the foodbank vans as they loaded their donations to take them to the most needy in Glasgow.

GCC astonishingly revealed, ““Parking restrictions are in place around Celtic Park on match day to ensure key routes are kept clear for emergency service vehicles at all times.

On Sunday Police Scotland made our parking enforcement team aware of a number of vehicles parked on London Road next to Celtic Park, which were in breach of these restrictions.

Which seems to fly in the face of Police claims that Celtic had instructed the move.

The fans are demanding answers and action from the club and it seems they will not need to wait long as the Celtic Supporters Liaison officer is now involved:

But The Celtic Trust were having none of that and want the club to investigate further:

So it looks like we haven’t heard the last of this. Let’s hope the club grows a backbone and sorts this whole sorry mess out!

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