“Absolutely idiotic take”, “Just being selective”, “Omicron only does Sundays!” – Graham Spiers lambasted by Celtic fans for bizarre tweet

Graham Spiers, I find, is generally quite balanced in his views.

A known *Rangers fan, Spiers is one of those journalists that does manage to keep his colours away from his reporting but on this occasion, it seems his masked slipped slightly and it was pounced on by the Hoops fans.

Late last night, Spiers let his feelings be known about the Premier Sports Cup final on Sunday when he said, “I’m amazed this Scottish League Cup final is going ahead on Sunday: 50,000 people descending on Hampden in packed cars, buses and trains. It’s an #Omicron jamboree.

Conveniently forgetting about a mass gathering at Ibrox the day before as 50,000 blue fans descend onto Edmiston Drive for Dundee United in the SPFL.

And the Celtic fans were extremely unhappy about Spiers’ selective criticism.

And the best bit? His reply.

If his concern about the spread of Omicron was real, why is he going to the game?

An absolutely mental take to have.

His tweet has certainly caused a stir, not only about his selective reporting, but also for his hypocrisy.

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